Tuesday, 18 September 2012


(Via: CafePourDeux)


  1. A 1969 CL 175 K3...my first motorcycle! They came in Candy Orange (like mine) and Candy Blue. Think I got mine for about $640.00 out the door. A 350 was about 735.00, a CB 750 was about 1295.00, in Sacramento California. The Australians got a "Sheepherder model with more deeply valanced fenders, a solo saddle and a rack for the dog to ride on. Remember seeing this in a mag long ago. Another model was called the GL 175, that wasn't sold in Canada or the US...that also has a solo saddle, but fenders similar to the CL. Later they had an SL to bring it in line with all the other SL's I assume. I have a 71 SL 175 to play with some day. Pleasant surprise to see my old bike. I'll repost a pic on my blog I think I've posted before...