Saturday, 25 January 2014

Weekend Away

I've often been asked by non-motorcycling friends, and ones who don't go to rallies (what our European cousins call a treffen, there being no motor sport involved) what the attraction is, and what it is that we actually do?

My usual answer is something along the lines of, "Do you ever go out to the pub with your friends for a drink and a chat?" To which the answer invariably is, "Yes". Well, so do I. The only difference is that the pub I go to is a couple of hundred miles away and I usually end up sleeping in a tent at the end of the night.

I used to spend most of my weekends travelling around and attending loads of rallies. I've even got awards for attending more than any other club member in a calendar year. These days I tend to make one foray overseas and limit my weekends away to a few here and there. 

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