Thursday, 15 May 2014


I woke up to the alarm in my shed going off one night last week. On spotting me advancing down the path in my underpants, a terrifying sight I'll grant you, the miscreant took off like an Olympic sprinter and never looked back.

A few hours later and I had to get up for work and on taking the dogs out for their morning constitutional I spotted a bicycle and a large black holdall lying across the road. Thinking that they might have belonged to the would-be thief I brought them indoors and opened up the holdall.

Now what would a would-be burglar be doing lugging a set of bagpipes around with him? The mind boggled.

I reported it all to the police who sprang into action and sent someone round a day or two later to take a statement and collect the bicycle and bagpipes. It seems that the 'pipes had most likely been stolen from the boot of one of the cars broken into the same night, probably by the same person that I'd scared away.

Pity, really. I had been having visions of someone cycling around whilst playing the 'pipes in the wee sma' hours. 

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  1. Good thing you heard the alarm go off or that dozy sod could've gotten some of your stuff as well