Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Sporting Times

Hard to believe that my Sport was last on the road nine years ago, 2007 if the tax disc is to be believed. I did drag it out and service it a couple of years ago as part of a half-hearted plan to sell it (see here), but it got pushed to the back of the shed afterwards and forgotten about again.

However, I really need to make my mind up whether I'm keeping it or not. It's just going to waste just sitting there. The main problem I had with it was its riding position. While no more extreme than a lot of sports bikes, and a lot less so than many, it still played merry hell with my lower back on those occasions it got any prolonged use.

The current plan is to service it, get it roadworthy and ready for its MOT inspection, with a view to putting some miles on it over the summer before making a decision about its future.

To that end, at the weekend I rolled it out of the shed and into the daylight. I removed all of the fairing panels prior to getting cleaned up and polished. Unfortunately, a couple of the tags through which bolts are fastened have snapped off. I've ordered up some JB Weld and we'll see if they can be fixed.

As for the rest, it needs a good clean, some rusty parts re-painted, and some of the fasteners replaced. The engine and casings have gone a bit 'furry', so those will need attention. The tyres, battery and a couple of the indicators will need replaced too.

I've ordered up replacements, and also a new chain and sprockets while I was at it. Otherwise it's in pretty remarkable shape for a neglected 23 year-old machine.

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