Sunday, 5 June 2016

Chilly Digits

That’s the heated-grips gone. Removing them was fairly straightforward as they weren’t spliced into the wiring loom. It took me about fifteen minutes in total.

Simply unclip the various wires which had been cable-tied here and there, remove the leads from the battery terminals, and take off the small plate that had been attached to the left-hand handlebar cluster for the control element.

Having done that, just fit the new rubber grips and tidy everything up.

If you’re wondering about the can of hairspray, I find it really useful for fitting grips. It’s liquid when wet, so helps the grips slide onto the ’bars, and dries to a tacky finish, which stops them moving about once they’re on. 

Edit: I took the bike in to work today and it's a vast improvement. The grips feel "right" and you can now feel the throttle response, where before it was a bit spongy and vague. Much better.


  1. Troubadour (hubby) always uses hairspray when he is dealing with grips. Nice to see someone else uses it too.

    1. Was told this trick years ago and used it ever since.