Saturday, 31 March 2012

Under the Arches

 A run in the afternoon sunshine saw me pass this triumphal arch entrance to the Wemyss and March Estate in East Lothian.

 A study in Victorian excess, there’s even a gatehouse built into the substantial walls.

I wasn’t sure if I’d manage to get out this weekend due to the recent problems in getting fuel caused, mainly, by self-serving politicians trying for a sound-bite this week. Like lemmings, the brain-dead have been queuing up and draining petrol stations dry just ‘in case’ after our transport minister suggested that folk fill up whenever they could to pre-empt a strike by tanker drivers nationally. Something that now doesn't look like it will go ahead.


  1. Politicians and oil companies talk up the possibility of fuel shortages, people go out and panic buy, and nobody complains about the price rises. Hmmmm.....
    See you found your topbox after its little excursion.

    1. They've apparently sold nearly twice as much fuel in the last week as they usually do and, yes, a few sites have taken advantage of the whole mess and put their prices up accordingly.
      Unfortunately, that's the larger topbox which I had on the MZ. The smaller one which was on the Triumph is still MIA. I bought another from eBay to replace it.

  2. Re fuel crisis and brain dead it really sickens me as it's like the law of the jungle and everyone reverts to base instincts, good job we don't carry guns.

    I'd check that new top box for scratches, are you sure you haven't bought the MIA one ho ho.