Sunday, 12 August 2012

Dancing in the Streets of Raith Tonight

I had an interesting day yesterday. I attended my first football match in years and in the process came across a bike show I didn’t know about (more of which later).

Stark's Park, home of Raith Rovers
The football match was a bit of a culture shock, being between two lower league sides, Raith Rovers and Hamilton Academicals, in Scottish Division 1 in quite a small, half empty stadium with a crowd of just over 1800 attending. Contrast that with the last time I was at a match, then it was between Celtic FC and FC Barcelona in the UEFA Champions League in Glasgow before a noisy packed house of 60,000.

The first goal, a penalty to Rovers

Anyway, I quite enjoyed the game, which Rovers won by 2 - 0, even if there wasn’t too much evidence of the beautiful game on display at this level.

Note: the post heading refers to a comment made by a radio commentator which led to much hilarity many years ago. Raith Rovers had achieved a notable and quite unexpected victory against European competition, and the commentator stated that he assumed that there would be "Dancing in the streets of Raith tonight". However, Raith isn’t a place. Raith Rovers are a football team and they come from the town of Kirkcaldy in Fife.

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