Sunday, 12 August 2012

Impromptu Bike Show

As mentioned in the last post, I came across a bit of a bike show in Kirkcaldy yesterday.

As I had time to kill before the football I went for a wander and was attracted by the sound of racing engines and tannoy announcements. Also, there seemed to be a large number of bikes all heading in that same direction.

On the seafront they had a mini-moto track set up and a number of stalls for local motorcycle businesses and clubs, but it was the bikes just parked up that caught my eye. A nice mix of the old, the modern and the exotic - see the pictures.

And what was it all about? Well, I had to go online later in the day to find out. It was a re-introduction of beach races for a celebration of 90 years of the Kirkcaldy and District Motor Club. 

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