Tuesday, 13 November 2012

It's Not Even Xmas

It's been a bit quiet on the bike front recently as autumn has begun to take hold, it being colder and darker these days. However, the planned rebuild of the Dnepr has taken a step forward with the arrival of a number of parcels this week. As well as assorted gaskets and seals and various rubber bits I finally got my hands on a brand new owners manual in English.

This came from Ukraine and cost less than a tenner delivered, which is about a third of what buying one in this country would have cost me if they had any in stock, which they don't.

And then there were these little beauties. KMZ tank badges in brass with a black enamel insert. 

These are from a dealer in Germany and will add the finishing touch to my 'mystery tank', which I have discoved comes from a Honda CB250T/CB400T Nighthawk (thanks to Hairy Larry for pointing me in the direction of older Hondas).

I am still waiting on another couple of orders from Spain and Ukraine and a number of engine parts and a new set of downpipes. Isn't the interweb a wonderful thing?

What has surprised me is how relatively cheap the parts are. Even factoring in the postal charges incurred it's still cheaper than getting my Triumph dealer serviced.

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  1. Nice badges.

    As you say it's amazing what you can find on the web.