Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Applecross 2012

Well, the weekend at Applecross passed without incident, although a special mention must be made of the weather. Beautifully sunny and warm on the Friday, grey and overcast on the Saturday and then starting wet and misty on Sunday morning. Ah, the joys of a British Summer. 

Triumph & Tepee
This was the first outing for my new tent and sleeping bag, and both passed with flying colours. The tent, a Vango 'Peace Tepee 300' is supposed to be a 3-man, but I found that it was just the right size for myself and all my gear. How they reckon that 3 folk can fit in this I don't know. 

The sleeping bag, a Gelert Sleeping Pod, is just a regular sleeping bag but scaled large enough that you can actually turn around inside it. I find most sleeping bags are rather constricing and a bit claustrophobic. This, on the other hand, is much better and very warm too. The only downside is that, even in its compression-sack, it's quite bulky and took up almost an entire pannier on its own.

I was going to add a lot more, but Norman has pretty much covered it on his blog. Only thing of note was that while we had the opportunity to attend the Lochcarron Highland Games about 15 miles away, but we were too lazy to saddle up and make the effort. So, I’m afraid that there are no pictures of men in kilts throwing telegraph poles about with bagpipes being played in the background.

Two MZ Skorpions & a Kawasaki KLE500
Since it was pretty overcast for much of the weekend the camera stayed in its case for most of the time and I didn’t take many shots of the fantastic scenery around that part of the world (you can see some from last year’s trip here if you’re interested).  You’ll have to settle for some shots of the Nortons which turned up on the campsite instead.

well-travelled Commando
towing hitch on above bike
neat little home-made trailer

this pair came from Essex over 600 miles away

There are also some pictures to be had on fjstuart’s blog and Gino has a write up of his Norton weekend on his.

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