Friday, 27 July 2012

Rocky Road

This is as unusual a Statue/Roundabout of the Week entry as I think we'll get.

I spotted the statue below while on holiday in New Zealand a couple of years ago. We had stopped in the town of Hamilton for lunch, and afterwards we went for a bit of a wander around. The statue does rather grab your attention, as it’s not often you’ll see a life-size one of a bloke in tights with a ray gun. At least, not where I come from.

An explanation

If you’re familiar with the Rocky Horror Picture Show you’ll find it rather amusing. If not, this might be a bit too disturbing and you might want to look away now.

Too late! That's you been corrupted now as well.

Perhaps he got some of his ideas for the costumes from walking to work as we passed a row of sex shops about half a block from the statue. I was rather taken with this one below.

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  1. Very bizarre movie and character...loved the movie and Riff Raff. Is kinda strange to see a statue of Riff Raff in a town. Still good to see it though.