Thursday, 5 July 2012

The Quadrant

the sign outside says it all really
These are the first of my pictures from the National Motorcycle Museum. I'll put up more as I have the time. The sheer number of machines on display is staggering. There are over 800 scattered throughout five different halls, as well as 50 next to the ubiquituous shop and another dozen or so scattered elsewhere. The only real problem is finding the time to see them all properly and the fact that some of them are so close together that you can't get a good look even if you did have the time.

beautiful configuration
This Triumph is a one-off prototype, a 1000cc four-cylinder machine nicknamed ‘The Quadrant’. Personally, I think that it looks stunning - but then, I've always liked the late model T160 Tridents on which this is based.

inline carburettors

some bikes awaiting restoration after the museum fire a few years ago
The older I get, the more interest I seem to have in bikes from long before I was old enough to qualify for a driving license. Impending senility, I'm sure.

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  1. That was one I HAD to see when I went there about two years back. After seeing it in an issue of TCM I knew that was a real looker and wasn't disappointed.