Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Last Chance Saloon

Another weekend, another motorcycle rally. This one was the annual Autumn Camp at Bellingham in Northumberland, seen by most as their last chance to get out and about before the weather begins to turn wintry.

I only managed down for the Saturday night, but the ride down was pleasant and sunny and I stopped off now and again to take some photos once I’d crossed over the border into England.

Catcleugh Reservoir pumphouse
Sign on military ranges at Otterburn
view south towards Bellingham
bikes old and new
There had been a number of changes since I had been in the village last year, and all to the good. I was particularly taken by CarriagesTearoom located in actual railway carriages parked in what was once the local railway station before it closed down years ago and is now the car park for the heritage centre. They do a rather nice homemade scone to go with your pot of tea.

After a good evening in the local pub I had a rather restless night in my tent as it was quite cold. The following morning it was apparent just how cold it had been overnight as we woke to a ground fog and frost on the tents and the bikes.

However, this didn't last long into the morning, and after a good breakfast it was time to pack up and head home. The trip back was equally pleasant, with bright sunshine and relatively quiet roads for most of the journey. 

"I can see for miles..."
abandoned railway car used as a sheep hut
Logging has laid waste to this landscape
Borders rugby, home to the oval ball game
large windfarm on Soutra Aisle
Nearly home again
All told, a pleasant weekend at the tail end of the year before ones thoughts turn less to actual riding and more to planning trips for next year once the summer months come around again.  

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