Sunday, 28 July 2013

Wacky Races

One small point for anyone thinking of making a trip through Luxembourg. Beware of stopping at the first set of services after you enter the country from France. We did this and instantly regretted it. It was a bit like the wacky races with what seemed like every vehicle on the road stopping at once. The result was huge queues at every pump and a lot of disgruntled motorists.

"I should have brought a book"
At one point the car in front of me moved forward about 4 inches, and because I didn't do likewise quickly enough for the bloke behind me he hooted his horn at me and ran into the back of my bike knocking it off the stand in the process. I caught it just in time and gave him a mouthful of abuse for his efforts. He simply wound his window up and pretended I wasn't there.

The reason for all of this insanity is tax. Petrol is about 40 cents a litre cheaper and cigarettes were obviously much cheaper than in France. As I don’t smoke I am not too sure just how much cheaper, but people were buying blocks of two hundred at a time and the rolling tobacco was being sold in gallon buckets!

Gareth & Terry looking a bit frazzled
So, it would seem to pay to pop over the border and fill your boots. If there's a next time, I think that I'll wait until the next set of services which were practically empty when we rode past them a little later on.

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