Monday, 20 January 2014

Dark Star

My old sidecar outfit. The only MZ Dark Star in existence.

This started life as an MZ Silver Star, which had a 500cc Rotax engine mounted in an ETZ chassis with the frame being used as the oil-tank. Single disc brake on the front and a drum on the back. Adequate, but could have done with a bit more bite. It was hitched to a Watsonian Stratford sidecar. 

It would cruise along between 65mph - 70 mph all day. Fuel economy wasn’t too bad for an outfit, but if that is something that concerns you then maybe you shouldn’t be riding a sidecar outfit in the first place.

Loads of small modifications, as well as car wheels and a bigger fuel tank. All the silver stuff was eventually replaced with black, although I notice that the visible side-panel is still original equipment at this point. As everyone kept commenting on how little of the bike was actually silver I had some decals made up which read ‘Dark Star’ after the film of the same name 

It was eventually broken up for spares after losing an argument with a bus about who had right of way.


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