Monday 23 December 2013


Krampus was the opposite of Saint Nickolas in Germanic folklore. St. Nick would visit the good children with gifts and Krampus visited the bad children. The stories even told that if the children were exceptionally bad Krampus would stuff them into his bag and take them back to his lair. Merry Christmas indeed...

Fries With That?

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Waiting On A Train

For VOGUE 1947
Photo: Norman Parkinson 

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Monday 16 December 2013

Landmarks 2013 - Last Chance

09. Energy (Nuclear Power Station, East Lothian 2013)

Two weeks left for the current year’s Landmarks Challenge.
Let's see your photos.

Sunday 15 December 2013

Forth BSA

Out and about yesterday I came across this small bike shop on what passed for the main street in the village of Forth in South Lanarkshire.

It sells and maintains ATVs, but for some reason there are three immaculate BSAs sitting in the shop window. 

No idea why they're there, but as they made me stop for a look perhaps that is reason enough.

Monday 9 December 2013

Power On

A parcel arrived for me from Germany this morning (an early Xmas present to myself).

adaptor and Denso alternator
It contained a beautifully made German adapter machined to accept a Denso alternator from a Kawaski GPZ/Ninja, and designed to bolt straight onto my Dnepr MT11 with some minor modification to the existing wiring.

I needed a new alternator as part of the planned electrical upgrade for the bike, but the standard Russian-made G424 alternator has a reputation of being rather hit-or-miss. It either works or it doesn’t, and buying a new one from the factory doesn’t always guarantee you one of the ones that work.

old & new side by side
As I was spending the money anyway, I decided to spend a little extra and get something a bit more predictable. The upside is that Kawasaki alternators are rather more readily available than standard ones should I need more parts in the future.  

Now all I have to do is start nailing some of this stuff together in the shed.