Sunday 30 August 2015

Scooter Girl

Spotted at National Museum of Scotland

Buggy Races

Out and about yesterday I heard the sound of an unsilenced engine. Then this beach buggy from hell roared past. 

When I caught up with it at the traffic lights I coukd see that the occupants were wearing camo, arab-style keffiyeh headscarves, and goggles. They obviously thought that they were in a Mad Max movie.

Looked like a lot of fun, actually.

Sunday 16 August 2015

Cossacks in the Trossachs

Fully laden bike with Buachaille Etive Mòr, Glencoe in background
Found some photos from the first bike rally I ever attended in 1991 on my Dnepr MT11 650. The quality isn’t great as they were taken on a small cheap camera.

KMZ Dnepr MT11 650
talking shop
another Dnepr with full fairing
It was run by the Cossack Owners Club (for owners of soviet-bloc built motorcycles) and held at Strathyre, in the Trossachs, in Central Scotland. In fact, club president, and owner of the lovely little orange Planeta Sport you see here, admitted that the name of the area was his main reason for holding the event there as he liked the idea of “Cossacks in the Trossachs”.

home for the weekend
IZH Planeta Sport 350
It turned out to be a pleasant weekend away. The sun shone, I met up with a great bunch of folk, we went green-laning on some forestry tracks, and there was much idle chat and drinking of beer. I’ve been doing something similar on a semi-regular basis ever since.

IMZ Ural 650
yet another Dnepr 650, with sidecar and 'L' plates