Friday, 31 August 2012

Military Beemer

 1943 BMW R75 sidecar outfit in army colour scheme

 Period motorcycle cargo trailer

 Spotted at East European Rally

Chinese Beemer

Chinese Chiang Jiang M1M 750cc side-valve

Spotted at East European Rally

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Red Star Rally 2012

The East European Rally, more commonly known as the Red Star Rally, is held every four years and brings together owners and enthusiasts of machines from the former Eastern Bloc.The rally is a joint venture by the MZ Riders Club, The Cossack Owners Club and the Jawa/CZ Owners Clubs. 

This was the 8th such event, and it  was held at Market Harborough Rugby Club, Leicestershire last weekend. 

Terry and myself made the long trip down from Scotland to attend and we both had a great time. Congratulations must go to the organisers and everyone who made the effort to attend, especially the large overseas contingent from the Ural Dnepr Club Nederland.

Here are a few pictures. There are a whole lot more on the F2 Motorcycles site here.

Jawa TS350
CZ 250/485
Ural Gear-Up
IZH Jupiter 3
Turkish Kanuni Seyhan & MZ ETZ251
Jawa 350 & Pav trailer
MZ ETS250 Trophy Sport
MZ Silver Star/Rotax
Ural M66
Rally Award
Urals getting ready for a run out
Ural 750 trike

Monday, 20 August 2012

Super Single

A very tidy example of Yamaha’s SRX 600. From experience, I can tell you that these are a pig to kick-start, like a lot of big singles, and the later electric-start versions were never officially imported into the UK.

Spotted at the Scottish Motorcycle Show.