Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Total Eclipse

A quick trip to Eclipse Motorcycles in Tranent this evening on the way home from work.

They are a small local bike shop who advertise themselves as a Royal Enfield dealer and a friend wanted to know if they had a demonstrator that he could book a test ride on.

Unfortunately for him, they don't. They can get you a bike if you want to buy one, and the spares to keep it going, but you'll have to sort out a test ride elsewhere.

Anyway, they call themselves The Scooter Centre, and that is where their main interest seems to lie.There were loads in the shop and in the workshop. I was rather taken by the groovy colour-scheme of one outside in the yard (see left of picture).

In amongst the more modern Japanese middleweights in the yard there was this rather well-used BSA (sporting a Triumph dual seat) which was in for a service and they also had a Honda race bike in the window. 

So, a bit of everything. I suppose that's what you have to offer if you're a small shop. Pity they didn't have that demonstrator, though, I'd probably have booked a ride myself, just for the craic.


  1. MCS in Renfrew are Enfield dealers if you are ever in this neck of the woods. Until a few weeks ago, Truimph lived next door to them and they always had Enfields in stock when I was having a rummage. The Continental GT looks amazing!

  2. Good to know, David. I'll pass on the info to my mate. I agree with you on the looks of the GT, too.