Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Bubblecar Museum

Messerschmidt KR200 (Germany)
A short while ago, I and a couple of others made the trip down to Lincolnshire for the East EuropeanMotorcycle Rally. On the Saturday afternoon we took a short trip out to the Boston Bubblecar Museum for a look around.

Bond Minicars Mks. B, C & F (UK)

Piaggio Ape van (Italy)
This is a small friendly museum on two floors with a cafĂ© and gift shop attached, staffed by volunteers who, we were informed, also made the cakes and scones which we sampled after our wander around. 

Cafe & Giftshop
Inter Torpedo Autoscooter (France)
As well as a host of micro-cars, small capacity scooters, and motorcycles they also have loads of motoring memorabilia and the glass cases mounted on the walls hold collections of old toys, cameras, board games and the like.

Garage forecourt with Lambretta & Watsonian Bambini sidecar

Bond Bug memorabilia
There were even a couple of closet sized rooms laid out as a living-room and a kitchen from the period between the wars. 

The kitchen looked scarily like the one in the first house I bought, even to some of the antiquated furnishings.

Heinkel Trojan (Germany) & Berkeley B105 (UK)
While most of the exhibits are lined up as you would expect, a number of them had been included in period tableaus, which was a nice touch.

Bond Mk. C & Nutshell folding caravan (UK)
There was also an area which held vehicles yet to be restored, some of which were in a sorry state indeed.

The Scrapyard
Overall, it was a pleasant way to spend an hour or so and, if you're ever in the vicinity, I'd heartily recommend you make the effort to pay it a visit. 

Heinkel Tourist & Durkopp Diana (Germany), Douglas Vespa & Bond P4 (UK)

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