Sunday, 22 January 2017


Victor-Albert Bouffort was an aeronautics engineer who took it upon himself to design and build some pretty odd vehicles in the years after WWII.

His only real success at a vehicle was the Valmobile, a scooter that folded into a suitcase sized package. Around 100,000 were actually built.

Produced in Japan and sold worldwide, the 75lb machine was kind of an adaptation of folding bikes previously only made for military use. Bouffort thought an easily stored scooter would be embraced by city-dwellers and he was right. Although a lot people bought them for the novelty.

No front suspension and a tiny motor and wheels meant they were a little scary to ride. But, you could get a sidecar.

(Info from: oppositelock)

(See also: oldminibikes)

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