Monday, 14 May 2018


Took the wee Triumph TT600 for an MOT (annual inspection) after work this evening. Unfortunately, it failed, as the examiner considered the tyre below minimum limit.

It's fitted with one of those race-type tyres with the grooves at the edge and little or no tread on the centre strip. I've had problems with similar in the past which is why I never fit them myself. Oh, well. Guess I'd better order a new tyre up.

Edit:   I can’t get the front spindle out to change the tyre once I get it as I don’t have the right size spindle tool or Allan key. Needless to say there isn’t anything remotely useful in the ‘full too kit’ that comes with the bike. I mean, of what use is a tool kit doesn’t allow you to take the wheels out?
I’ve had three Triumphs now. And every time I need to get the wheel spindles out I need to buy yet another different sized tool than the one I bought for the last one. Each gets used about twice.
I then spent a frustrating time driving around to various tool stores without finding the size I need, and bike shops, obviously, don’t want to stock anything that helps you do the work yourself.
Now I need to order one online and wait for it to be delivered. 
*Grumble, Moan, etc……

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