Sunday 3 June 2018

Another Bike Show

Another trip to a bike show. This time it was the MCN Festival of Motorcycling at Peterborough. I’ve been to this event a number of times and this year it followed its familiar pattern.
First stand I approached, woman said, “So, you’re a Harley man then?”
1200 Speedmaster
Speed Triple
Bonneville Scrambler
1200 Bonneville Thruxton
The big manufacturers bring their new toys for you to have a look at and sit on, a couple also arranging test rides if you bring your paperwork and riding gear. I keep meaning to do this, and one day I’ll get organised enough to take part.

Italians occasionally design ugly bikes

Lots of club stands, from one-make clubs to smaller local bike clubs, charity organisations and things like the police and the military all bringing their bikes along to attract attention and possibly sign up new members. I like this part of any show and was heartened to see so many different organisations represented.
Triumph Owners Club stand - mostly Bonnevilles
Moto Guzzi Club stand - 1100 Quota
Royal Enfield - Himalayan & Bullet
Triumph Rocket III trike
There are also loads of trade stalls selling everything you ever thought you needed, as well as a lot of things you hadn’t even considered. And all the usual food and drink outlets to cater for a large captive audience.

Military bikes. Mostly HD and Armstrong 350 & 500 Rotaxes
Small capacity race bikes
BSA 650 Lightning
Ducati Owners Club. Any colour you want as long as it's red. For the most part.
For some reason I seem to have spent a lot of time hanging around various Triumph stands as you can see from the photos. Maybe my subconscious is trying to tell me something?

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