Monday, 10 September 2018

Over The Sea

Crossing the border is simplicity itself. No barriers, no guards, no passporst etc.
A week or so ago I made my annual trip to the Republic of Ireland for the MZ Riders Club rally there.

MZ TS250s

ex-Belgian police ETZ250 with an estimated 350,000 km on the clock
As in previous years there were a goodly number of Royal Enfields present, as it seems that many of those who like MZs and Jawas also like the simplicity of Royal Enfields.

Continental GT & 500 Bullet
350 & 500 Bullets
military 500 Bullet
In addition there was a lovely little Jawa 350 and, my personal favourite, a Ural 650 sidecar outfit.

It wouldn’t be an MZ rally if someone wasn’t dismantling their bike on site. In this instance the rear shock on this TS250 decided to dismantle itself en-route. So, out with the spanners, and wasn’t there a huge selection?

The evenings sorted them selves out, as these things usually do, with music and the odd beer or two.

Mick & Sean providing some tunes
this doesn't sound quite so bad in Ireland
So, until next year then. Actually, this is one of my favourite things about motorcycle events. You can make plans for twelve months hence and no one thinks it odd.

beautiful Norton which looked like it had just rolled off the production line

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