Sunday 1 May 2022

East Coast Run


Went for a run along the Fife coast with some friends yesterday. Decided to take the Aprilia and give it a longish ride to see if there was anything I should be worried about after its long lay away. Other than some oil weeping from the oil filter housing it performed as it always has, so that is a relief.

Pretty typical day. It started with one of the other lads being pulled and fined by the police for displaying a ridiculously small illegal numberplate. About 20 minutes in someone fell off and had to be recovered home in ignominy. And, although the day started bright and sunny, tempting me into wearing my new denim jeans with armour inserts, it slowly became overcast and eventually it started to rain. Lucky I had waterproofs then. Unfortunately, they were in the panniers on the Triumph sitting dry in my shed and I got soaked on the ride home.

One thing I did note. I felt quite vulnerable only wearing jeans while on the motorway. Armour aside, I think I’ll keep them for short local rides and keep wearing leathers for anything further afield. 

We dropped in on Darren the proprietor of the East Neuk Salt Company to say hi and help publicise his small business which sees the production of the first commercial salt in Fife for two and a half centuries. Please feel free to take a look.

We ended up at Anstruther Harbour but, as the rain was just starting, rather than stay and maybe get something to eat, I decided not to hang around and instead headed the bike for home.

A longish day spent riding the coastal route at a leisurely pace, only spoilt a little on the way home because of the rain. Hoping to get a lot more riding done this year.



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