Sunday 5 June 2022

West Coast Run

A week ago I did a run up to Fort William on the big Aprilia with some friends. We met up at Stirling before heading west to Crainlarich and up the A82 to Fort William.

This is a road that I am extremely familiar with. In fact, it’s where I did my first big run on a bike more years ago than I care to mention (see link).

We stopped once for lunch at Tyndrum and again for fuel at Ballachulish, just after exiting Glencoe, before pushing on to Fort William.

It was a pleasant run in bright sunshine, which was a welcome bonus. It’s not always this pleasant weatherwise on the west coast, even in summer.

When it was time to head home it seemed a shame to just retrace my steps, so I decided to head a bit further north to Spean Bridge and cut across country to Dalwhinnie and from there head down the east coast to Perth and eventually home.

So, that’s what I did. Total distance for the day worked out at a little over 300 miles. A thoroughly enjoyable day out on the bike, if a bit tiring. Hauling a big bike around for hours at a time can be like a full body workout.

I think I deserved to put my feet up and relax for the rest of the evening with a nice cask strength Highland Park whisky for company.

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