Sunday 23 October 2022

Olde London Town

A couple of weeks ago we were in London for an American football match between the Green Bay Packers and the New York Giants, the second regular NFL game to be held in London this year.

Out for a bit of a walk on the Saturday afternoon we came across a vintage car show down by Regent’s Canal at Granary Square, behind St. Pancras Station.

While there were a number of cars I remember from my youth, VW Beetle, Triumph Herald etc, most folk seemed to be more taken by the hot-rods.

While I admire the engineering ability and dedication of the builders, I’m less taken with their placement of the fuel tank on this particular vehicle.

Always loved the Bond Bug. There was one parked outside a local car showroom I passed nearly every day as a child and was fascinated by how cartoony and toy-like it looked.

This one was in excellent condition and is still a wacky looking vehicle even today.

There were a couple of bikes too, the pick being this lovely old Harley Davidson, as well as a number of ‘chopper’ style bicycles similar to this one below.

I couldn't work out whether they were electric or not, but I'd imagine them to be quite hard going being so much heavier than a regular bicycle if they weren't.

What about the game, I hear you ask. A thrilling encounter, with a very tight score line, saw the NY Giants just edge it in the final seconds. Unfortunately, my wife is a massive Green Bay fan, so this wasn’t the result we had travelled down for.


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