Sunday, 18 November 2012

MZ Prototypes

Skorpion with Rotax engine

Kobra with Yamaha TDM850 engine
BSA Bantam with Honda CG125 engine

Three very different motorcycles designed the British design firm of Seymour Powell for MZ/MuZ in the 1990s.

The only one of the three which actually made it to production was the Skorpion, but that ended up with the Yamaha XT660 engine rather than the Rotax.


  1. If only, the Kobra would have been a great engine for the Skorpion.

    1. Kind of competition to Yamaha TRX850. Unfortunately at the time public wasnt too kin on parallel twins. Which was also reflexted by the TRX sales.

  2. I gotta ask. How is the CG Honda different from CB and CL 125' it a push rod or OHC motor. We never got those on this side of the pond...
    And, are there little 'BSA's' being built and sold anywhere...seems I remember seeing Yamaha powered bikes somewhere on line...

  3. The CG125 - details here

    As for little BSAs, I think that you're talking about the 'Bushman' and 'Tracker' models which were mostly sold in developing countries and had a Yamaha engine. I believe that all production of these bikes has ceased (although I could be wrong).