Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Spot the Difference

BSA Lightning
BSA Firebird

Spotted at National Motorcycle Museum


  1. OK, here goes:

    1) Exhaust pipes
    2) Silencers
    3) Side panels
    4) Seat appears to be slightly smaller
    5) Lack of ignition switch on the Firebird
    6) The heat sink/zenor diode thingy appears to be different sizes
    7) The tank badges are different colors, appears silver on teh Lightning and red on the Firebird
    8) The knee grips on the Firebird tank are missing

    Is there a prize for guessing? If so PLEEEEEEEASE not one for Anorak! Luckily I'm not one, just like these Spot the Difference" games! :)

  2. And a bash plate,reflectors, and folding rider pegs on the Scrambler...

  3. Firebird has got an ignition switch, its just hidden behind some wiring, it's even got the keys in ready to ride!

  4. Ok, you got me. Next time I'll be more careful when I post questions.