Sunday, 10 March 2013

Scottish Motorcycle Show

This weekend saw the annual Scottish Motorcycle Show at the Ingleston Showground, outside Edinburgh. I didn't go this year, and my attendance has been somewhat sporadic over the last ten years or so. The reason? It's just too expensive for what it is. Each year the admission price goes up, and each year the show gets smaller. Explain that if you can?

Anyway, I was looking through some old stuff recently and I came across a pile of old tickets dating back to when it was a small dealer event held in the Brunton Halls in Musselburgh.The car park outside was usually as interesting as the show inside.

First year I went. I seem to remember taking various buses from Glasgow to attend.

First year at the current venue. Note the admission price!
One thing hasn't changed over the years, though. Usual weather for this time of the year - bitterly cold with rain, wind and frequent snow showers. While out and about I passed the usual Harley riders dressed for Southern California in their leather chaps, fringed lightweight jackets, open-face helmets and sunglasses. Too cool for waterproofs!

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