Sunday, 5 May 2013

Mini Bus

Barkus B1000 van built in the former East Germany. This one is in the colours of Simson motorcycles.   

(Found on Facebook)


  1. Sorry. Accidentally deleted Bodger's new post as well as his deleted post. Duh!

  2. Third times the charm....that Barkus looks very similar to a Comer van of the 70s or a Ford, Chevy or Dodge commercial van from the 60s.

    Something about the look and simplicity of these old delivery vans that I like, making me want one for toodling around in or to haul the old nails in.

    Come to think of it, there's an old Chevy van still in use at a small business near where the lass lives. Will have to try and get a couple of photies of it.

    1. In the UK we had the Commer FC van, which was a very similar shape and size. I guess it's no surprise that a popular design gets copied.

  3. The Commer van, same one as I remember. We had one of those, a Ford Transit (not those wee ones nowadays), and a Leyland I think at the paint warehouse I worked at in Banbury.

    Was never a car type person, but I would like to have one of those old delivery vans without the side windows to restore and drive around in.