Thursday, 16 May 2013

Well Chuffed

How to annoy some folk in three easy steps:

1. Drive down to collect a bike that you've just bought, a lovely old MZ ES250/2.

2. On the way back home drop by the Vintage Two-Stroke and Steam Rally, an event jointly put on by a local motorcycle club and the Railway Preservation Society. 

3. Come back from looking around to find that you've won 'Best Motorcycle' without even taking the bike off the trailer.

Apparently, the awards were handed out by the railway preservation guys and, as they didn't know much about motorcycles, they just gave the award to the one they liked best. How were they to know that bringing a bike on a trailer was frowned upon by the locals?


  1. I'd never thought of you as a trailer queen before.

    1. In fact, this tale made the point about shows and awards with such wit that I have simply repeated it (with provenance)on BC. Hope that suits.

    2. No problem, Richard. I would point out that we weren't actually entered in the show or anything, just there for a look. So, the award was acquired in all innocence.