Monday, 2 June 2014

Over The Sea to Ireland

Last weekend saw me make my annual jaunt to Northern Ireland for the MZ Riders Club rally at Garrison in Co. Fermanagh. This year I met up with Gareth & Terry at Troon and we caught the ferry and travelled together.

Terry & Gareth in Ballymoney
As neither had been to see the memorial garden for the Dunlop brothers, Joey and Robert, we detoured to Ballymoney where we had a bit of a wander around before heading on. 

Joey Dunlop memorial
There are some more photos of the gardens taken on a previous trip here if you're interested.

Belleek on the Irish border. Note the Euro/Sterling fuel pumps

Mick arriving on 'The Snail', a modern Jawa 250
Peter's Vincent Comet 500
Unlike in previous years, we'd booked a holiday villa for the weekend. Proper beds, no camping or shared bunkhouse accommodation on this trip, and the bikes were under cover in a barn onsite. It made for a nice relaxed change of pace and we're already in negotiations to book the place again for next year.

Lovely BMW K750
Sean's MZ TS250/1
Royal blue and rust
Three MZs, old & new
The rest of the weekend panned out much as expected, and in the evenings we all repaired to the local pub where guitars were produced and a few of the lads kept everyone entertained.

I’ll be going back to Ireland, the Republic this time, in August for more of the same.

Waiting on the ferry


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