Monday, 2 June 2014

Townie vs The World

The recent BMF Show was a bit of an eye-opener when it came to the adventure bike market. The folk who have actually ridden around the world on their own seem to have invariably done so on small, unsuitable bikes with the minimum of specialist equipment. A number of them were at the show with their Honda C90s and 250 trail bikes plugging their book/video/holiday company.

However, alongside the people who had actually done it were all the big supply companies, like Touratech, who insist that in order to do it ‘properly’ you have to do it on a big capacity bike, preferably a BMW 1200GS, and buy all of their hi-tech, and very expensive, equipment so that you don't die while riding to the shops and back.

And then there was this guy. He had been given the stand for nothing to try and help him raise some funds when someone else pulled out at the last minute, his bike was seriously un-cool and the equipment he had was just pitiful. However, he is planning on doing what a lot of people can only dream of. Read about his story, and follow his journey here. The best of luck to him.

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