Sunday, 20 July 2014

Trophy Sport 2014

I’ve been a bit busy this week so haven't posted anything on here about the trip to Cumbria that I mentioned last time.

It was a good weekend away, and the actual run down was made in brilliant sunshine and with barely a cloud in the sky. It was such a contrast to the abortive trip to Wales made on pretty much the same roads only a week before.

Once I arrived I met up with a lot of the old familiar faces. It's funny, but people that you only meet up with a few times a year become good friends over the years and it is always good to get together.

As is the norm these days people arrive on an assortment of machines, but these are probably the pick of the two-stoke MZs that did turn up. They are ETS250 Trophy Sports. Well worn, and definitely well used.  


  1. True friends.... people you can meet tomorrow or a couple of years down the line, and chat as if you had just nipped to the bar for another pint