Sunday, 20 December 2015


Walking the dog recently I came across these three tyres lying at the side of the footpath.

I know that people are prone to dump old tyres to avoid paying to have them disposed of in an environmentally-friendly way, but these were a good 20 minute walk from the nearest habitation and I was puzzled as to how they got there, also these look to have a fair bit of life in them still.

I certainly wouldn’t like to have carried them there, and the footpath that they were on isn’t really suitable for cars.

I suppose that you could have rode there on a motorcycle or bicycle and dumped them, but that seems to be a lot of hard work there being three of them.


  1. If it wasn't such a long walk over from California...I'd rescue those in a flash...look pretty meaty still.

    1. Couldn't understand why they were dumped. One might be badly punctured, but all three?

  2. It's hard to (legally) get rid of tyres. My local council tip won't take them. I've got a small mountain of them hidden away at the bottom of my garden.