Monday, 20 June 2016

Carry On

My recent trip to Ireland showed up the TT600’s serious lack of luggage carrying capacity. I know that it’s a sports bike, and not really supposed to do much of that sort of thing, but it’s a pain if you want to go anywhere for the weekend on it.

A quick hunt online turned up the fact that Renntec make a small rack that bolts right on. So, I ordered one from a company in England. It was supposed to arrive in 2-3 days, but there was some sort of problem at their end, for which they apologised, and it took over a week.

It arrived today, and very nice it is too. It’s a useful size without being too obtrusive. There are some simple instructions and a handful of nuts and bolts for fitting it, although I’ll be using stainless ones instead.

Oh, and as an apology for the delay they included a half-decent disc lock. This was nice of them, it will probably get donated to the raffle at whatever rally I next attend.

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