Thursday 1 March 2018

Beast From The East

As the UK is caught in the grip of a really unusual cold spell, with traffic chaos and schools and shops closed due to the snow it might interest you know that it is still possible to get around by bike, albeit with the addition of a third wheel.

My old MZ ETZ250/Watsonian Dart outfit now owned by another MZRC member
Ural 750 outfit in Germany

This is a friend’s MZ Baghira sidecar outfit at his work on Wednesday. Apparently very few car drivers made it in.
It's only polite to help poor car drivers in distress


  1. Wow, you really are seeing snow. We see it so rarely here where we live in Oregon a couple of centimeters will shut down the town.

    1. Not seen its like for years. The problem here is that it is this bad so rarely that we aren't really set up to deal with it. Those countries like Norway, Canada etc., who get this sort of thing every year spend a lot of money and resources on lessening the impact as a necessity. That's not really practical when it hits only every 5-10 years or so and is likely to be gone in a week or so. In the meantime we cope, and moan a lot.