Thursday, 4 October 2018

Probably Not Stock

Coming home from work one day I spotted this awesome creation parked at the side of the road and had to stop for a better look.

The body is a classic Jaguar E-type roadster, mounted on Lord-knows what chassis and with huge wheels. It’s more like a monster truck than the sophisticated image which pops into your head should anyone mention an E-type, and it rides extremely high off the road. I imagine that it must be difficult to get into. 

I bet that the owner has fun taking it to classic car shows and watching grown men cry.


  1. The owner must be the shy, retiring type. I wonder how well it handles.

    1. Not seen the owner, but have an image in my head of a Jimmy Edwards type character in a flying jacket and tweeds smoking a pipe and telling dirty jokes in the pub.Shame he's probably a retired bank clerk.

  2. this vehicle was for sale on ebay recently, the listing stated that it was built as part of a school project. it uses land rover defender chassis with a wild cat e type replica body.