Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Star of the Orient

"Estrella" means "Star" in both Catalan and Spanish

Today’s bike is a Kawasaki Estrella BJ250 A. This is an air-cooled 249cc 4-stroke single, and is a bike that I was completely unaware of until fairly recently. This is hardly surprising as it isn’t imported into the UK, and into Europe as a whole only in very small numbers.

This is one of those imported into Germany and comes with single saddle and rack on the rear as standard. 

There has been much debate about why smaller bikes don't sell particularly well in Europe. perhaps if we were offered something like this that might change in the current economic climate.


  1. I remember seeing the Estrella on Kawasaki's stall at the NEC bike show many years ago. I thought it was a lovely bike, and Kawasaki were handing out 'questionnaire cards' to judge public interest. Trouble with bikes like this is that everyone SAYS they should build sensible, economical small bikes, but when they get to the shops BUY Fireblades and BMW GSs.

  2. Just for you:

  3. Only Estrella I'm in the market for at the moment -