Tuesday 22 November 2011

Steve McQueen

The Triumph Motorcycles stand at the recent International Motorcycle Show in San Mateo, CA.

This is the brand new ‘Steve McQueen Special Edition’ Triumph  Bonneville. Nice looking bike, but what it has to do with Steve McQueen I don't know. If it's supposed to be a nod to the film, The Great Escape, with the green paintjob, solo seat and luggage rack I'm afraid that they didn't do their homework. He rode a 1961 TR6 Trophy in the film, not a Bonneville.

Loooong legs
I wasn't actually at this show, but I'm on the Triumph (USA) mailing list for some reason and it's usually quite good for photos.


  1. Yeah, quite trendy isn't it? Seems his heirs are gonna work that "trademark". And also his buddy Von Dutch, has become another "trademark". I bought some Hotwheels-sized Von Dutch toy cars a few years ago. Now I've been seeing a lot of womans fashions branded Von Dutch. Guess Bud Ekins had a lot of Triumphs around, that were a lot cheaper than finding an old BMW or DKW.Most people probably didn't have a clue when they watched the movie.

  2. I can't understand why Triumph went to so much bother to recreate the original Bonneville look then spoiled it with the strange "kink" in the exhaust just before the silencer that the old bike didn't have.