Saturday, 7 January 2012

Old Boxer

Nice old airhead BMW twin, an R75/7, spotted on my trip to Norway last summer.

Note the straps around the panniers. Those of us who have owned a BMW fitted with old-style Krauser panniers like this will know, you need the straps to stop the panniers opening and spilling their contents along the road whilst travelling.

The turf-roofed structures are over picnic tables thoughtfully provided at a service area. 

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  1. I had the model before this, the R75/6. (see: ) When I bought a pair of Krauser panniers for it, the guy in the shop reached under the counter and gave me a pair of straps and said 'you'll be needing these.' These were tie downs that new BMWs were secured inside their crate with, and the shop gave a free pair to anyone who bought Krauser panniers because they knew how unreliable the locks were. Sometimes the lid locks failed and spilled the contents onto the road, and sometimes the panniers came off and bounced down the street!