Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Wind of Change

I remember when Kawasaki launched the Zephyr range. They were the first attempt at a ‘retro’ styled bike and I really liked the look of them. A friend actually bought one of the first 750s, but sold it on when it became apparent that the finish wasn’t great. In fact, one dealer I spoke to referred to them as the ‘quick-dissolving motorcycle’ so quickly did they rust. He said that he was tired of replacing bits under warranty.

However, since those early days they seem to have acquired quite a following. This is a pretty trick Z1100 Zephyr which I originally found on the BikeEXIF site. There's a whole lot of love, and even more money, lavished on this particular example.

A quick interweb search turned up a whole lot more pictures on Bikepost, a Russian site with lots of interesting stuff on it (well, I say that, but as I don’t read Russian I can’t really be sure).

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  1. There's plenty of 'wind of change' outside my house at the moment! Along with the heaviest rain I've ever seen!