Wednesday 8 February 2012


This week's bike is the case of another one that might have been. 

This is the BSA E35 Fury, a 350cc ohc twin.

Pretty much the last throw of the dice from BSA, at one-time the biggest motorcycle manufacturer in the world. 

 There are more details here and here.


  1. The Bandit/Fury was a great looking bike with a strong family resemblance to the late model BSA Lightning/Thunderbolt. There are three (Fury + Bandit + early prototype) at the National Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham and one in the London Motorcycle Museum.

  2. There were a bunch of us waiting for those over here on the west coast of the states.If they had showed up, I would probably have opted for the high-pipe Bandit in those days. Now it would probably have been the roadster. Such a cool looking bike even now.