Sunday, 27 May 2012


As mentioned yesterday we all got badly sunburnt wandering about at the race track. Today, the back of my neck and my forearms are a lovely shade of crimson not usually seen in nature.

So, we decided not to spend so long out in the sun and called a halt about one o'clock having seen another batch of racing, toured the club stands and wandered about the paddock area looking over the race bikes.

As I'm using an iPad to make these entries I'm having some problems loading photos. Be assured that I took plenty and I plan on a proper write up with appropriate pictures when I get back. You'll either have to wait till then or check out some of Norrie's pictures on his blog.

This is our last night in Dijon. Tomorrow Gareth and I head north to Reims before heading to Zeebrugge the following day to catch the ferry and home. Norrie is planning on spending another week or so in France on his own before heading back.

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