Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Ace Cafe, London

I was in London last weekend, but before heading home on the Monday morning I decided to pop along to the Ace Café for some breakfast. I'd never been before and admit to being a tad curious as it is a name that you hear bandied about quite a lot on the classic motorcycle scene. I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

Using public transport it was relatively easy to find. You exit the Underground station, turn right onto the old North Circular Road, and it's a five minute walk away. 

As you approach it you come across these metal figures which help allay your fears that you've taken a wrong turning somewhere.

The first thing that strikes you on seeing it is how big it is on the outside for a former transport café. The actual café part inside is smaller, with a service counter which runs pretty its entire length.

There's also a small gift shop and a raised area at the end where bands play on evenings and at the weekends. 

This area is flanked by a couple of old British bikes including this beautiful Triumph Metisse café-racer.

The food on offer tends to be of the hearty variety, heavy on the cholesterol and portions on the generous side, as befits it's history as a place much frequented by lorry drivers and bikers. That said, I thought the prices weren't unreasonable and we certainly had no complaints about the quality of our breakfast.

Unfortunately, being a Monday morning the place was quiet and the carpark fairly empty, although a couple of modern bikes did arrive as we were eating. I think that it would be more worthwhile to pay a visit on one of those days when there is an event on, or on an evening when there is a band playing as it would presumably be much busier.

Having cleared our plates and finished our tea, it was time to head for the airport and home, but not before treating myself to a few bits and pieces from their shop. Well, it would have been silly not to.


  1. Sounds like you had a good stop in there and the grub sounds like it should be. I've seen the things on the fences in other pictures as well.

    One of these dayss I'll get to stop in there to see if it's as good as said and maybe buy a few trinkets.

  2. The last time I visited the Ace was in 2006. Your first photograph re stunts is understandable. I went on a Saturday afternoon and there was a stunt show with many bikers taking part. This was on an busy open public road. The authorities were aware since a paramedic was in attendance. Plod must have clamped down on this.

  3. Did you go to the excellent London Motorcycle Museum in nearby Greenford?

    1. I didn't have the time, unfortunately. maybe next trip?