Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Knight Moves

As already mentioned in an earlier post I have bought myself a Dnepr 650. I was originally looking for a Ural 650 (similar, but not the same) and came very close to getting myself a Soviet Knight.

The Soviet Knight was one of a number of model variants produced by UK importers Nevals. This was a standard Ural with more of a cruiser feel to it with the addition of higher bars, spotlights, crash-bars, a big padded solo seat, upswept silencers and leather saddlebags.

As a styling exercise I think that it worked quite well.

Spotted at the East European Rally 2012


  1. I must have a predilection towards things Eastern Bloc as when Neval were the importers I was very interested. Also I once considered buying a Lada.
    I think the Soviet Knight has a certain charm and it looks like a "Proper" motorbike. However the first thing I saw at the Red Star Rally was one being worked on with its back wheel off due to binding rear brake.

  2. Good for you. I agree about it's looks.
    The brake thing is a newbie mistake. You tighten up the adjuster until you get a really good response from the rear brake. Then you go for a ride, and everything heats up and expands causing the brake to either bind or, in extreme cases, seize. You just need to get used to a less than stellar braking experience!

    1. Yeah I was watching the guy working on the bike and it's the first time I've ever come across adjusters on drums.

  3. I had a brand new Soviet knight from a dealer in Preston in 1992 I think, I loved that bike, after 12 months it got stolen, found burned out 1 mile away on waste land, I cried !, got a lovely 74 MT10 Dnepr now, had it nearly 12 years :)