Monday, 10 December 2012

Under False Colours

Soviet -built Dnepr M72 side-valve, a direct copy of BMW R71, done up in a German army colour scheme and sporting a BMW roundel on the tank for some reason. 

The big give away was the KMZ badge and the “Made in the USSR” cast into the timing cover.

Spotted in Dijon town centre, 2012


  1. Ran into a Dnepr rig owner a few days ago...only got a few seconds to chat before a torrent of rain drove me into my car, and him and his rig into his garage. I'll try to get some pics...and there was a second rig I could just make out in the garage...maybe a Ural.

  2. Reason for the roundel? They are cheap and then people think you have a BMW! Some one on eBay selling last week selling a "BMW WW2 REPLICA/ DNEPR/ URAL 650 SOLO" .... even better "As the papers that came with the bike were copies and not originals, i was not able to age plate the bike at 1964. I therefore had to contact the owners club and they provided the DVLA with dating info based on the engine and the frame type, thus the 1993 registration plate"

    And still someone paid over two grand for it!