Monday, 5 August 2013

Insurance Joys (?)

Bike in a sorry state at the recovery depot

A call from my insurance company informed me that, while it would be possible to fix my Triumph Sprint ST that had been stolen and recovered, it would not be economically viable to do so. The main cost would be all of the genuine Triumph parts that would be needed to put it right. I wasn’t too surprised as that had been what I was thinking when I saw the damage. A replacement fairing alone would probably cost more than the bike was worth.

Rather surprisingly, I was asked what I considered to be a fair value for the vehicle. On giving them a figure they said, “Okay”, that tallied with what they were thinking of offering, and that they would be sending me a cheque for that amount, less my excess, as soon as possible. I was more than pleased as that figure was pretty much what I had paid for the bike about four years previously.

The money arrived on Friday and was immediately deposited in my bank account. It seems that not all dealings with the world of motor insurance need be traumatic. However, I will have to wait and see what sort of damage this will have on my renewal costs next year.

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