Sunday, 11 August 2013

New Screen

I find the standard screen on the Tiger just a bit too short for comfort. It seems that this is a not uncommon problem and there are a number of companies, including Triumph themselves, offering alternative and higher screens. However, as you might imagine they are all a bit expensive. On one forum I visited someone had bought a grand total of five different screens before he found the one that suited him best.

view from inside my shed
Luckily I found myself a second-hand Triumph touring screen on eBay for about 20 quid last weekend. An added bonus was that the seller lived locally, so I could drive over and pick it up rather than paying to have it mailed. It had a few marks and scratches as might be expected, and it also had holes drilled in it for both a camera and a Garmin sat-nav mount. I removed the mounts and patched up the biggest holes as best I could before covering the damage with a big Esso Tiger sticker (see photos). I gave it a good clean and fitted it this afternoon with some new stainless steel screws.

taller touring screen fitted
original screen to the front, new touring screen to the back
As you can see it is much taller, a good 4 inches (10cm) taller than the standard screen. I can still see over it, but the wind now gets directed up and onto the top of my helmet instead of hitting me square in the face. Hopefully, this will make longer journeys less tiring. I hope so, as I have a long trip to the south of Ireland in a couple of weeks. More of which later.

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